Check LIC Policy Status Online

Everyone knows about the LIC Policy and mostly we pay LIC premiums for the secure and safe life of family. Now Life Insurance Corporation is also dig into the online portal and gives the better comfort of paying premium online. Once you done with it, you need to check the status of LIC premiums. You can also follow other information regarding other premiums and policy here under in LIC official site. It is an easiest and quickest option to check how much premium you have paid, when the premium is enrolled, what premium you need to pay and many other information.


We are come up with the service to check LIC policy status online procedure. This will guide you in the better manner how to educate the current position of premium or payments in premium. Sometimes it happens that you paid premium but it doesn’t occur due to some consequences. With this online portal you can contact to your LIC agent and inquire about this matter. Here we are going to show you the full process of how to check the LIC status, have a look here under.

Before falling into the LIC status, LIC holders first register online. It is an easy process, we have linked over here.

Registration Process for LIC Holders

· Open LIC site or directly go to the LIC e-service tab

· Link on new user and click

· Type all the required details in the box like phone no, e-mail id, premium amount, policy number

· Now click on proceed button

· At the end process you will be provided your unique id and password to log in for LIC Status inquiry

Now you are ready to check and inquire about LIC online premium.


Get LIC Status Online

If you have already your id and password than you can directly go with the home page and enter your id and password

· Get into the next page clicking on GO button

· In the right side of the page Policy Tools is given, click on it

· You will see view enrolled policies and here all the registered insurance policies will appear there

· Now the time is to choose and click the LIC Premium Online policy status you want to find

· Verify vested bonus after click on the vested bonus

With this you can check if you are eligible for any loan, or you are given any remuneration or discount in the policy and many with one mouse click.

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How to Check Aadhar Card Update Status Online

If you want to update your Aadhar card details like name or address or birth date, you can easily change in few minutes without going to UIDAI office. Govt. of India has launched UIDAI site to get the Aadhar card related information from anywhere around the world. Now anyone from anywhere can easily change or correct the Aadhar card data through this online help. Before going to Aadhar card update status online, let us show you why it is known as the best ID proof.

What is Aadhar card

In India Aadhar card becomes the most secure and trusted ID proof. It is valid as the most powerful and trusted proof because of its self-verification of retina and finger prints. From child to adults all kind of gender is eligible to get the unique identity card. It is free service from Govt. of India to give the unique identity to each and every. It is valid for opening bank account, tax return and now it is recognized as the international proof.


How to get the updated Aadhar card status online

If you are seeking for to correct or change name, address, birth date, Mobile No, E-mail address in Aadhar card, you can check it online in the very minimal time. Please follow the procedure here under.

Govt. of India has launched UIDAI site to get the online information regarding how to find Aadhar card status by name, so we will get start with it.

· Click on the link


· Now type your aadhar card no and captcha code

· Now click on the send OTP request

· A onetime password will be delivered to your enrolled mobile no or e-mail id,

· type it on the required column

· Now click on the data you want to change or correct

· Fill up all the details as required. If necessary or asked you can download the necessary data here

· Now select the BPO service and finally click on the submit button.

At the end process you will be given URN (update request no) no. Get the print out of this URN no. It will be helpful in tracking your Aadhar Card status and now you can also search Aadhar card status by name. If you have any query or problem then send message on our portal.

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Why UAN is Important for EPFO Members

UAN number is introduced by EPFO to provide a lifetime valid identity number to each member. It remains same in spite of changing companies or jobs. A lots of online facilities are linked to the activation of UAN at the EPFO official website. If you are an EPFO member, but still ignoring your UAN, do go through the benefits of UAN. If you do not know your UAN, do obtain it from your employer and activate it online. You can click the option of ‘Activate UAN Based Registration’ at the EPFO member portal. Complete the whole procedure and activate your universal account number.

Employees can login using their UAN number and password whenever they need. This post will make you aware of significance of the universal account number.

UAN Status

Benefits of UAN

The universal account number has various benefits for employees. Especially it simplifies the PF withdrawal procedure for employees.

  1. If you have UAN you don’t need to transfer your PF account from one company to another whenever you change the job. Transferring PF account is a tedious procedure and due to UAN, employees can get rid of it. The account can now be transferred just by submitting your universal account number to your new company. As soon as your new company verifies your details using your UAN status online, the funds will get transferred to the new account.
  2. Now the employees are not dependent on their employer for the PF withdrawal. UAN has drastically reduced or almost eliminated the role of employer in withdrawal process. If your UAN is activated and linked with aadhar and bank account, you can withdraw your PF money without your employer’s signature.
  3. If you have activated your UAN, you can receive SMS alerts every month. You will know your PF balance every month through SMS. Every time your PF account is debited and credited, you will know it. Read more download EPF passbook online to check all your transactions in your PF account. Such facilities are available only if the employee has UAN.

UAN Number

Since now it is easy to transfer PF money from one account to another, employees will prefer transferring to withdrawing. This will ultimately benefit in long term by enhancing the amount and Open national pension scheme account. Now the employee will choose any one from EPF or national pension scheme.

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How to Download and Install Z4root Apk for Android Phones/Tablets

We all know that custom ROM and Rooting has become quite famous among the Android lovers. To get the unlimited access to any Android device is the main feature of any rooting app. If you are looking for the most preferred rooting app, then Z4Root Apk is probably the best Android rooting app which can help you to root any android device just with a single click. In fact, this app is quite safe, and it changes with the root binaries only. Read more if you face any problem, then just reboot the device, and it will get fixed.

How to Download and Install Z4root Apk for Android Phones/Tablets?

When you need to go for a real application, there are quite a lot of things which you need to use it and when Z4Root Apk is one of the biggest things to work for. Then kindly follow the below steps to get it downloaded.

Download and Install Z4root Apk

1. Firstly, turn on the Unknown sources option on your Android device.

2. Then you need to go to the play store app.

3. Search for Z4root Apk in the search column and hit enter.

4. Download the app by clicking on the install option.

Download Z4root apk from XDA forum

While download Z4root apk from XDA forum, follow the below steps:

1. At first, connect the Android Device via USB cable.

Install Z4root Apk

2. Then just transfer the .apk file to the respected device where you want to download it.

3. Now what you have to do is to open for settings tab on your phone and then finally open the applications.

4. You can option yourself a good thing which will be going for need. Well, the thing is that there are a lot of requirements which will be going for.

5. Now if you have free download framaroot apk, now you have to install the file and then get it done.

Well! This is how you can easily download and install the Z4root apk on your Android devices.

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Pay Premium using LIC Online Payment

The official site of the LIC India facilitates policy holders to pay their LIC premiums online. This is a wonderful facility as it reduces hassles of visiting LIC office every month. You don’t need to rely on agents for timely payments. You can pay LIC online payment from your homes and office if you have internet facility. Nowadays, many of the users are preferring online payments of their mobile phone bills and electricity bills. A very large number of users of Reliance are also doing Reliance online bill payment. LIC is the largest provider of life insurance in India. Being a state-owned, it is a reliable and most popular among users. All subscribers have to pay premiums of LIC on monthly, quarterly or half-yearly basis depending upon their policy premium installment. In this post we have shown you how to you can pay your LIC premiums online.

Online LIC Premium Payment Procedure

Just follow the simple procedure given below to pay your Lic premium payment online.

1. Visit the official site of LIC at or

2. Register yourself and create user name and password.

3. Click the Go option.

Lic online payment

4. Now enroll your policy to retrieve your policy details.

5. Give a click on the Enroll Policies option. Provide your policy number and amount of premium.

6. Click the option View enrolled policies.

7. Select the policy number for which you want to pay premium.

8. Once you click the policy number, you will see all information pertaining to your policy.

9. At the customer service section, select option of ‘Pay Premium Online’.

10. Reach the payment gateway and make payment through net banking, credit card or debit card.

To pay LIC premium online, customer has to pay the service tax and nominal fees. The list of the banks will appear when you select type of card through which you want to make a payment. LIC India portal also gives facility of checking LIC policy status to the policy holders. You can also make online premium of your LIC by SBI credit card payment, HDFC credit card, Axis bank credit card, IDBI credit card and many more bank credit card.

SBI credit card bill payment

We will be bringing more useful information on payment of your various bills using online methods. Keep following us for more updates on online bill payments.

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Knowing more about getting International Visa from passport

A passport is a fundamental document for traveling and it has gotten to be as primordial as the native’s card and driver’s permit. It is ideal to file for a passport well ahead of time as the procedure normally takes around four to six weeks to finish. For the individuals passport document who might want to accelerate the procedure can, be that as it may, settle on the express facilitated administration which can yield a passport in only 14 days. Besides, individuals who need passport instantly can go for the free speeding up office which takes only one day!


With the valuation of countries getting to be permeable, it is officeholder on every country to verify the accreditations of each outside visitor who visits the country. The migration powers of every country approve verification of an outside visitor’s qualifications by a stamped certificate on the candidate’s passport, which is termed as visa. The visa likewise concedes permission to the candidate to enter the district for an interim period inside a specified period additionally set apart on the visa and termed residency or legitimacy of visa.

There are a couple of essential tips to remember while rounding out any of the above application frames. As a matter of first importance, one ought to compose intelligibly and in dark ink. All the data gave ought to be precise and bolstered by fitting verifications. In the event of the DS-11 passport application frame, the candidate needs to show up at an assigned passport approval office.


Purposes of Caution

  • In spite of the fact that a substantial visa might be issued for a period surpassing six months, the span of stay in India status for a man on a tourist or business visa can’t surpass six months.
  • The legitimacy of the visa is connected with the legitimacy of the passport i.e. if the visa legitimacy surpasses the legitimacy of the passport, it doesn’t hold useful for the period past passport legitimacy.
  • Legitimacy of all visas begins their date of issue.
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Download Music Apk App for Free on PC and Android

Are you looking for good software to watch instant movies at one go? Well, there are a lot of options to watch movies online about watching it entirely for a free is indeed and option. So if you need to get started with watching a movie then the first thing to do is to look at a movie online or to download an application which will help you in achieving it. But to get started with it, the first thing that you need to follow is to download the file Framaroot apk and then watch your favorite movie with the help of Music Apk App This app has been specially created for all movie lovers who wish to enjoy their favorite time of watching movies. But if you are willing to see it and get the best thing out of it, you first need to get the best needs for watching your movie. So start off by downloading the application for your PC.


Step 1:

Downloading the application is just not tough at all and you need to get started with downloading an android emulator which will help you to get Free SnapTube APK download the file. Often there may be questions for downloading the file directly to your PC but it will not work as the file will not be supported. SO to start off what you need to do is to look for Bluestacks or DroidX and the follow the next few steps.

Step 2:

The next thing to do is to open the application Framaroot app page which you have to find out from the directory of the emulator. Once you have opened the page you now have to look for the install option beside it and then click it. Once you have done this you will see that the file has been downloaded and you can easily open it for future use.

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Download Mortal Combat X for Mac

Are you in love with action games? Well, do you wish to play the Mortal Combat X for Mac for free? Well playing the Mortal Combat X for Mac is not a rare scene anymore and there are a lot of people who are driving themselves crazy to play these games just with no excuses. So to get it done, people are using different options and spending dollars on the Mortal Combat X for Mac just to play the game. Well, there are a lot of choices in downloading a file, and if you need to do it properly, then you must first think of how to make it happen. Well, first of all, you must get one thing in mind ad it is to Download framaroot from a trusted site. Well here is just a small tip for you to download the Mortal Combat X for Mac and what you have to do is just to follow the guide along with a little tip to get it done.


Step 1:

To download the Mortal Combat X for Mac you first need to fulfill a few steps which will include you to get the file for free. So what you have to do is to download Bluestacks emulator and then get started with it. Once you have downloaded the Mortal Combat X for Mac, you can now quickly search for the file and then look up for it.

Step 2:

Just give your first click on to the Install option of the archive to get started with the Framaroot apk download of the file that helps you to download it. You will see that the download will get started automatically.

Step 3:

Once it has finished up downloading you now have to click on all the agreements and then accept the installation.

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Download the Zapya for PC

Are you willing to transfer files from one place to the other with just a single click from your PC? Well, all you have to do is to download the Zapya application. Based on a data transfer technology this app has been created for you to transfer data without using wires at any time of the day. Used by many professionals, the Framaroot apk latest version has over than a 100 million downloads on the Google Play Store. A bit different from the bluetooth applications which a few laptops have, the Zapya is application is totally developed by professionals to get PCs connected and then transfer files from one place to the other.cinemabox-app

Here are the steps for you to download the Zapya application for PC:

Step 1:

To start of the proceedings, the first thing that you need to come up with is downloading the android launcher or the Blue Stacks. This software will help you to run all the android version applications in your CPC to work successfully. It just acts like a replacement of the Google Play Store.

Step 2:

The next thing that you need to do is to find out the search tab and the type down “Zapya “. Once you get the application, just click to it to open the installer page and the start off. You can check here for the number of downloads that has already crossed the 100 million mark.


Step 3:

The next thing to do will be to click on the “Install” option and then wait for it to finish. The installing process will take some time as first the downloading Tubemate for PC is complete and then it is processed for the installation. However a fast internet connection may speed things up.

Step 4:

The next thing that you need to do is hit the minimize option on the browser to finish file installation. After this is done, you now can open the file from the desktop to test your experience.

However to make the file transfer happen, you need to download the Zapya file for the other PC too and get them interconnected with the help of this app. Now you can share and transfer files easily.

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Top 8 Wonderful Mother’s Day Quotes

2nd May of each year is a special occasion for every child, since it’s the day of Mothers- the “Mother’s Day”! It is very much important to let your mom know how you feel about her and what her importance in your life is. Not only on this very day but throughout the life you should keep her smiling. Yet to make her feel special on the Mother’s Day, here I bring you some of the best Mother’s day quotes 2016 to get your mother inspired and motivated.


Top 8 Wonderful Mother’s Day Quotes:

1. As poets knew it that God can’t be everywhere and every time with you: Hence they invented Mothers.

2. You are with a heart of forgiveness deep inside. You are always and inspiration!

3. Mother you are the bank where I can deposit all my tears and hurts!

4. Mother’s do hold their son’s hand for a while, but his heart forever.

5. Being a mother you always need to think twice- one for yourself and one for your child. Thanks for being in my life Mom!

6. You had taught me everything for which I’m grateful to you! Thank you Mom! Wishing you a very Happy Mother’s Day!

7. I can bring you chocolates; I can bring you flowers or anything else. But nothing in the world can show you how much I love you!

8. Happy Mother’s Day! I have no words to thank you for what you have done for me in this life! Still A THANK YOU!

Mothers Day Wishes 2016

Quotes are a way of conveying your Happy mother’s day messages to your mom. And what can be more special to her than her child making her feel special for her deeds! There are many more things to do in the mother’s day. You can simply attach a quote in a flower bouquet or you can make a greeting card and write the quote you want to dedicate her. Everything what you do will be special for your mother and this small quotes if can bring a real smile on her face then why not trying this?

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