Apply New Voter id Card Online

Most folks are aware of the significance of getting voter ID, simply because it is a valid photo ID for individuals in India. Here is a self-help guide to get it online and offline.

Casting vote is really the responsibility of every Indian citizen, that is eligible to vote. Any individual Indian citizen, who’s attained 18 years, is permitted apply for Pan card status after registering himself/herself within the voter’s list.
Procedures for Apply Voter id Online & Offline :


Voter ID process eased:

Many people, while, they may be interested in getting Voter ID and enthusiastic about voting, the condition they face may be the disinterest they get together with the fear of long queues and long time-consuming process in trying to get the Voter ID plus in obtaining it. The Election Commission of India has rightly understood this so the commission had now made the task easier each eligible Indian citizen are now able to get the Voter ID card by making use of online. The card can be purchased offline also for the comfort of people, who cannot use computer for starters reason and other. Now, do you wish to pertain to Voter ID throughout the internet?

You can stick to the steps given below:
How to affect Voter ID online?

You can register from the National Voters Service Portal (
On this web site, you’ll discover link called ‘apply online for registration of brand new voter’. When you follow this link, you’ll be taken to a website that contains Form-6. Just prepare the form as soon as every mandatory field and also other fields are filled, click the submit button. You can also makes use of the save button for temporarily saving, if you need to take a break inside the middle.
Before submitting online with the website of NVSP, you’ll need to upload the proper address proof and ID proof with your passport size photo. On submission, you’ll get an application Id along with a Booth Level Officer (BLO) will see your place for verification of details.
Another method you may follow to use online is to go here to the website of state CEO as well as differ from one state to another in India. So, you’ll need to search accordingly.

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How to sign up for Voter ID Card in Offline?


To apply offline, it is possible to download the appliance from the web site of Election Commission of India (
When you visit the web site of Election Commission of India, inside home page, you’ll find a link called ‘forms for registration in E-Roll’. When you visit this site, you can be taken to a webpage that contains links for a number of forms and among which you’ll need to choose Form-6, corresponding to which you’ll discover the description as ‘application for inclusion of name in Electoral Roll’. Here, it is possible to choose whether you may need English or Hindi version of the proper execution and click the right link here.

You will ought to download this application go here and can have to complete the appropriate details and should call at your nearest election commission office together with copy of ID, photograph and address proof.
If you are unable to download, it is possible to directly have the application on the nearest election commission office, make voluminous with appropriate proof documents and should check out the office to have the card per the date specified during submission.

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