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Everyone knows about the LIC Policy and mostly we pay LIC premiums for the secure and safe life of family. Now Life Insurance Corporation is also dig into the online portal and gives the better comfort of paying premium online. Once you done with it, you need to check the status of LIC premiums. You can also follow other information regarding other premiums and policy here under in LIC official site. It is an easiest and quickest option to check how much premium you have paid, when the premium is enrolled, what premium you need to pay and many other information.


We are come up with the service to check LIC policy status online procedure. This will guide you in the better manner how to educate the current position of premium or payments in premium. Sometimes it happens that you paid premium but it doesn’t occur due to some consequences. With this online portal you can contact to your LIC agent and inquire about this matter. Here we are going to show you the full process of how to check the LIC status, have a look here under.

Before falling into the LIC status, LIC holders first register online. It is an easy process, we have linked over here.

Registration Process for LIC Holders

· Open LIC site or directly go to the LIC e-service tab

· Link on new user and click

· Type all the required details in the box like phone no, e-mail id, premium amount, policy number

· Now click on proceed button

· At the end process you will be provided your unique id and password to log in for LIC Status inquiry

Now you are ready to check and inquire about LIC online premium.


Get LIC Status Online

If you have already your id and password than you can directly go with the home page and enter your id and password

· Get into the next page clicking on GO button

· In the right side of the page Policy Tools is given, click on it

· You will see view enrolled policies and here all the registered insurance policies will appear there

· Now the time is to choose and click the LIC Premium Online policy status you want to find

· Verify vested bonus after click on the vested bonus

With this you can check if you are eligible for any loan, or you are given any remuneration or discount in the policy and many with one mouse click.

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