Gujarat Assembly Election 2017 Dates: EC Announced Gujarat Election

Gujarat Election 2017 Dates

You know EC announced Gujarat assembly election 2017 dates. Gujarat may vote in two steps, on December 9 and 14, the Election Commission declared on Wednesday.

Gujarat Assembly election 2017 dates

The election monitor has actually experienced objection for not declaring these types of dates throughout with the schedule for Himachal Pradesh previously this month. Opposition parties allege which this helped the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) to avoid rules and offer benefits to voters in Gujarat.

Gujarat assembly election 2017 datesEC announced that Gujarat assembly election 2017 dates and Gujarat election will be held on 9th December and 14th December 2017.  Polling Schedule, Updates, and Parties: With the end of 2017, Gujarat is simply all set to go with their elections in the future. It will be Gujarat assembly election 2017 dates. As the legal period came to end by 2017. But the Gujarat is really most prepared for preparation with their elections back once again with huge oppositions. Parliamentary Constituency is having 26 seats & the Assemblies Constituency is generally having 182 seats.

Gujarat Election 2017 Schedule

In this article we shared phase 1 and phase 2 Gujarat election 2017 dates or schedule.

Phase 1

Total Seats 89
Gujarat Election 2017 Date 9th December , 2017
Date of Notification 14th November, 2017
Last date for nomination filling 21st November, 2017
Scrutiny date 22nd November, 2017
Withdrawal dates for nomination 24th November, 2017


Phase 2

Total Seats 93 seats
Gujarat Election 2017 Date phase 2 14th December , 2017
Date of Notification 20th November, 2017
Last date for nomination filling 27st November, 2017
Scrutiny date 28th November, 2017
Withdrawal dates for nomination 30th November, 2017

The 182 candidates are actually been selected from 182 various areas from the Gujarat state. National Political Parties in Gujarat are actually INC (Indian National Congress) & BJP (Bhartiya Janta Party). Local parties are really GSJ (Gujarat State Janta), GAVP (Gujarat Adijati Vikash Paksha), BRP (Bhartiya Rashtravadi Paksha). As seen in the previous years, the huge competition is really in between BJP & Congress as these are really the trending parties all over the India.

The vote is actually seen as a measure of support for Prime Minister Narendra Modi at a time as soon as a sputtering economy has actually handed the opposition Congress party a possible entrance to regain political ground.

Gujarat Election 2017 Dates

Gujarat Election 2017 dates and schedule: Election Commission today declared dates and schedule for Gujarat Assembly polls. Polling will be held in 89 seats during the first phase on December 9. 93 assembly seats may go to poll on December 14. Counting for Himachal Pradesh and Gujarat Assembly elections will be held on December 18. Model code of guidance has actually come into force with instant effect. No candidate can spend more than Rs 28 lakh, said the Chief Election Commissioner. There may be 50,128 polling booths and number of voters is 4.30 crore. The term of the 182-member Gujarat assembly obtains over on January 23 next year.

Speaking to reporters, Chief Election Commissioner Achal Kumar Joti claimed that the elections in Gujarat may be held in two stages on 9 December and 14 December.

Model code of conduct comes into effect instantly from today. This may also be applicable to the ‘union government’ while announcing new projects or schemes.

BJP Vs Congress Vs AAP

Current party with majority of seats in state assembly is BJP now. Along with their huge opposition Congress. The Dates of Gujarat Elections 2017 is really to announced, we are simply expecting the Gujarat election at the end of December 2017. We are going to be updating you as the dates are announced and now EC mentioned Gujarat assembly election 2017 dates. Since 2002 BJP is defeating INC in last 15 years. BJP is definitely leading in more than 100+ seats. This year, a new political party founded in Delhi which is AAP (Aam Admi Party) contesting Gujarat elections. As AAP is simply in heavy demand in Delhi and other states like Punjab. So, this specific time AAP is simply considering to make their seat in Gujarat election too. The entering of AAP could be giving competition.

Candidates may be required to open new bank accounts for the election expenditure, which has been kept at Rs 20 lakh per candidate.

Total number of voters having part in this year’s elections will be 4.33 crore, said Joti. The present year’s poll may have VVPAT machines attached to EVMs at all 50,128 polling stations.

BJP is actually prepared for the Gujarat assembly election 2017 dates with a massive oppositions Congress & Aam Admi Party. Gujarat president Amit Shah has actually appointed Arun Jaitley for the post In charge of Gujarat Election 2017. He is going to be further assisting the elections. Generally there may be VVPAT’s organized for the polls, as of the large population of Gujarat. He declared that the election may be processed peacefully and Police can be allotted at every Polling Station to handle the crew.

Gujarat Chief Minister Vijay Rupani, & Governor Mr. Prakash may likewise cast their vote. After the independence in 1947, the Congress party was really winning Assembly polls in Gujarat, yet in 1995 BJP arrived into form and somehow they went on to make their position. The another part is actually that Prime Minister Narendra Modi was really been the CM of the state. As this is the ruling party since last 15 consecutive years. However such elections might change the route as the entering of AAP into the election. As the entering of AAP, there are simply some chances that votes may be getting divided into 3 of them and the triangular competition.

Gujarat election 2017

Joti claimed, “After successfully implementing VVPAT machines in Goa assembly polls and all the succeeding bypolls, we now get good experience of using the machines.”

The number of polling stations have actually now increased by over 12,000.

Counting may get place on 18 December, the very same as Himachal Pradesh.

The current term of Gujarat assembly expires on 22 January 2018.

The Election Commission declared the dates for Gujarat assembly elections 2017 today. The polling may be held in two phases – the polling for phase 1 may take place on December 9th and for phase 2 on December 14th. The counting for both the phases will take place on December 18th. The dates are really being announced a day after the BJP government in the state announced a series of sops for different sections of the society, consisting of farmers, protesting accredited health workers and backward castes.

Key Features of Gujarat Assembly Election 2017 Dates

Here are the features of Gujarat assembly poll dates 2017:

– A flash of light may be shown after voting, showing information of the candidate the voter has already voted for, says Chief Election Commissioner Achal Kumar Joti.

– Date of counting for both of these phases will be December 18th, the electoral body declared.

– The last date for withdrawal of candidatures for phase 2 is November 30th. And the voting date is 14th December, the Election Commission said.

– Phase 2 may consist of 90 seats. Date of issue of gazette notification is November 20th, the last date to file nominations is November 27th and the date of scrutiny of nominations is November 28th.

– Polling to be held in two phases. Polling for phase 1 to be held on December 9th for 89 seats, date of issue of gazette notification – November 14th. Last date for filing nominations is November 21st and the scrutiny of nominations will take place on November 22nd, the Election Commission mentioned. Counting to require place on December 18th.

– The electoral body claimed the expenditure per candidate is actually prepared at Rs. 28 lakhs. It even claimed candidates should declare expenditures within 30 days of polls.

– Mechanism launched to handle paid news and political advertisements, including bulk SMSes.

– There may be 102 all women polling stations.

– CCTVs to be set up at essential border check posts. In critical polling booths and stations, CCTVs may be set up in vulnerable areas. But, the Election Commission may ensure that the secrecy of votes are really maintained and not leaked.

– Just such as Himachal Pradesh, in Gujarat too, all 50,128 polling booths may use EVMs along with VVPAT or paper trail machines, says Election Commission.

– Gujarat elections to be held in two stages.

– Model Code of Conduct comes into force.

– The paper trails from VVPAT machines may be randomly scrutinized for at least one polling station.

The Election Commission (EC) is really possible to declare the poll schedule for assembly elections in the state of Gujarat on Wednesday. This comes after the EC was simply questioned by opposition parties for its delay in announcing dates for election in Gujarat. Also EC declared Gujarat assembly election 2017 dates with schedule.

The term of the 182-member Gujarat Assembly obtains over on 23 January next year.

The opposition has certainly been alleging that by “delaying” the announcement of the Gujarat polls, the EC was simply giving time to the BJP government in the state and at the Centre to sidestep the provisions of the model code and offer sops to the electorate to swing votes in favour of the saffron party.

Before the EC did not introduce the Gujarat assembly election 2017 dates, the Congress had declared it was simply done to enable Prime Minister Narendra Modi to play a “false Santa Claus” and introduce freebies for voters before the model code of conduct kicked in.

Chief election commissioner A.K. Joti had protected the decision of announcing Himachal Pradesh’s poll schedule before that of Gujarat, saying that multiple factors including the weather, flood relief work and festivities were simply considered before taking a call on election dates.

The CEC had mentioned while the Gujarat and Himachal polls were simply announced together in 2012, their schedules were generally different. He also said the two states had no similarities in geography or weather patterns.

EC Announce Gujarat Election 2017

The Election Commission may on Wednesday announce the dates for the Gujarat assembly election 2017 dates Also you can check BJP himachal pradesh candidate list 2017. at 1 p.m. The announcement comes merely 13 days after the voting date for Himachal Pradesh was announced. As the schedule for 2 phase polls may be declared today, top sources tell Republic TV that the polls are simply probably to be held on December 10 and December 14.

The poll panel’s judgment to declare the dates for Himachal elections and set on keep the dates for the Gujarat assembly election 2017 dates had excited a debate in the political sphere with the Congress accusing the Election body of giving the BJP an opportunity to take changes in their plan of action and launch projects with a view to influence voters. “The Modi government appears to be putting pressure on the EC to defer announcement of Gujarat elections likewise with Himachal to suit its political ends,” Congress’ Randeep Singh Surjewala said on Twitter.

Before Chief Election Commissioner Achal Kumar Joti, on talking to ANI, said multiple factors, consisting of the weather, had come into play when deciding why to carry elections in Himachal Pradesh quicker than Gujarat. The CEC further asserted that the election commission will plan the poll schedule in Gujarat in such a way “the conclusion of the result should not impact the voting in Gujarat.”

He informed ANI, “Some other primary factor is really that Himachal and Gujarat are really not adjoining states. In case multiple states proceed for polls, they are really adjoining states. The EC has always made sure that the voting pattern of one state does not impact the voting pattern of another state, and that is why the counting period in Himachal Pradesh has been kept on 18th December 2017. We had already stated that we will plan the Gujarat assembly election 2017 dates in such a way that polling in Gujarat is over prior to Himachal Pradesh Assembly election result, so that the outcome of the result should not affect the voting in Gujarat”

Conclusion of Gujarat Assembly Election 2017

In this article we shared all the detail information on Gujarat assembly election 2017 dates, schedule, polling dates, candidates for BJP & Congress for the upcoming election 2017.

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