How to Apply For Passport Online

How to Apply For Passport Status

We only need to have a passport and license, notarized, scanned, and delivered to our email (Contact). We offer both private banking and trust agreement banking. Know how to check passport application status online.

Documents Required – We do require you send us a notarized copy of the passport, however, if you do not have a license another government-issued ID with How to apply for passport photo is acceptable. If you aren’t currently within a country containing public notaries or this is difficult for you, you could have a lawyer or barrister stamp the documents. The scans have to be sent as jpg or 300 dpi jpeg files.


This is really a quick and easy method that can be done inside a few hours. Once completed, we’re going to open banking account.

Documents NOT Required – We will never require any kind of reference letter, bills, or anything apart from the IDs we now have just explained. These days reference letters will be looked upon as suspicious transactions and that we would not put any client for the reason that vulnerable position. None in the documents have to be stamped or signed by any government agency or employee.

Trust Agreement Banking – Trust Agreement Banking requires a different step that private banking (see below) won’t; our attorney enters into a Trust Agreement together with the client. This is necessary because in this particular scenario the lawyer is the signatory for the account. The bank will not likely know whom you are at all and also your name will never appear in almost any bank records. The main benefit of this could be the privacy and protection. If a government were to question the account, they might only find the name of the attorney. To receive the information from the lawyer they will have to go to court in Guatemala and fight to get us to destroy attorney client privilege. They wouldn’t normally win unless there is evidence against you. Further, this evidence might need to be of a criminal offense that is and a criminal offense in Guatemala.

A foreign prosecuting attorney would basically able to testify essential if the waive diplomatic immunity, something they’re loathe to accomplish because if they actually do, they are able to then be tried problem for perjery or numerous other crimes. Guatemalan judges be aware that foreign attorneys will not be always going to be honest problem.


The recent OECD treaties only cope with bank secrecy, not attorney client privilege. They aren’t in any tax information sharing agreements Aadhar card application form or mutual legal assistance treaties. Guatemala only shares information in the matter of a major offense (nothing tax related). If there is no proof, no facts are given. This is certainly the best way to bank these days.

We must know your identiity because we’re assuming liability permitting you use our attorney-client trust account. This is another good way to sneak the paper trail. If you send the funds to one of our own attorney-client trust makes up us to then send in your own corporate or private account, your bank account number and/or corporate name are concealed. If one were to inquire exactly what the wire was for, you may answer, “Attorney-Client Privilege.”

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