How to View TDS Traces Online

“TRACES” is a new web interface developed by NSDL official site. It is an advanced technology used for the swift communication between tax payer, tax receiver and income tax department. TCS stands for TDS Reconciliation Analysis and Correction Enabling System. It is processed by the TDS Centralized Processing Cell from the income tax department.

TDS Traces

What are the benefits of using TRACES

This is an advanced portal developed to view form 26AS. 26AS is an all in one form helpful for the tax payer to collect all the information like tax deducted, tax collected, paid refund. Simply we can say this shows your ITR status. This form is valid proof that your tax is regularly paid through your PAN no. It is the best tax information network to make the best communication between deductors and deductees.

Tax payer can easily download this form in PDF/text or excel file format. You can download this form using your date of birth as your password. Your date of birth in your PAN no is your ID. Like your birth date is 10th September, 1981 your password will be 10091981. This is a direct way to check that deductor has filed statement or the statement contains details of your PAN.

How to Do Registration on TRACES

If the tax payer has already registered on the tin-nsdl site then he or she need not to do online registration again. Their information will directly migrated to TRACE portal using tin-nsdl login details.

Now NSDL site has stopped to do the online registration.

So it is our kind request for the applicants to log in to for the new registration in TDS traces portal online.

So now it is confirm that deductors and deductees can view all the tax related information through 26As from by logging into the new TRACE portal. It is our kind request to all the tax payers and tax receivers to check their TDS status through new and advanced site of TRACE. Visit Trace Portal Now.

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