IGL Bill Payment: How to Pay Online IGL Bill at www.iglonline.net

Online IGL Bill Payment

You know online IGL bill payment is available now. IGL stands for Indraprastha Gas Limited Company. IGL is one of the leading companies in India. It is basically a natural gas distribution company, which was founded in 1998. The headquarters of IGL are situated in New Delhi. Mr.Narendra Kumar was assigned as CEO of IGL on April 18, 2013, to June 1, 2016.

IGL provides its services like natural gas distribution like CNG and PNG, .i.e. Compressed Natural Gas and Positively Natural Gas. Both the CNG and PNG play a key role in keeping the environment pollution free. Now we are going to discuss how we can pay the IGL Bill Payment.

IGL Bill Payment

IGL provides different methods of paying the bill which we are going to discuss below:

  • Paying IGL Bill payment online via IGL portal
  • Using ECS system .i.e. Electronic Clearing Services for IGL Bill Payment
  • EBPP -Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment

How to Pay IGL Bill Online

Now we will learn how to use above written methods of IGL Bill Payment in detail which is as following:

  • Paying IGL Bill payment online via IGL portal: There are some easiest steps of IGL Bill Payment by using the means of electronic payment .i.e. through Credit Cards and Net banking options. Following steps can be taken while doing IGL bill payment.

Step 1:  Visit the page or online portal www.iglonline.net.

Step 2:  Click on the “Customer zone” tab which is lying on the right side of the website and there clicks on the “INSTA PAYMENT” option.

Step 3:  Then enter your BP number and click on “Get Details” option. Then the system will find out your details of payable amount. Also you can know how to pay Bill using online PNB internet banking

IGL online bill payment

Step 4:  “Pay” option will appear, just click on it, and pay your bill.

Step 5: If you are registered user, the system will ask your username and password.

Step 6:  After entering your details, click on “Online Payment,” choose your payment mode .i.e. through credit card/debit card or net banking.

So by following above written steps, you will be able to pay your IGL Bill Payment.

Pay IGL Bill Through ECS System

  • ECS System for IGL Bill Payment:  ECS means Electronic Clearing Services. In this system, the user can pay his bill by his existing bank account under ECS system. Here are some steps which we can use for payment:

Step 1:

Fill up your ECS form and get it signed by your bank.

Step 2: 

Send your filled-up form through courier with a blank canceled cheque.

Step 3: 

Send your courier to the following address

Indraprastha Gas Limited (Marketing Department)

IGL Bhawan, Plot no. 4, Community Centre, Sector 9,

R.K. Puram, New Delhi 110022.

Step 4:

Once you send your form, you will get your service activated within 3 weeks.

  • EBPP -Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment: EBPP or Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment, is a method of easy bill payment which is offered by most of the banks to pay IGL bill payment via net banking. To have this facility, we have to log onto the website of the respective bank and log in your account. We have to follow simple below written steps:
  • Click on the option “Bill Pay.”
  • Register yourself as a new biller
  • Choose the “State” as “Delhi”
  • Click on “Biller category” as “Utility”
  • To register yourself, click on the option “Indraprastha Gas Limited.”
  • Fill your BP number and name of IGL for reference.
  • Choose either “Auto-pay” or “manual pay” option which has been provided by the bank.

So by following above written methods, IGL bill payment can be done in different ways.

Hope you will understand how to pay IGL bill payment online through various methods and modes. Our portal shared all the major bill payment information like Tikona online bill payment, CESC bill, Delhi jal board bill payment and more. For more details how to pay online bill,stay connected with us.

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