PRAN Status: Know How to Apply For PRAN Card?

PRAN Card Status Online

Do you identify what is PRAN number or PRAN card status? When your answer is no, then you are really at the correct website. As the NPS is getting popular, more and more people are opting for it. And it’s not only you but most people are either frustrated or simply do not know much regarding PRAN. Even Customers of Atal Pension Yojana even get a PRAN.


Thus, they try to get appropriate details about PRAN card status and National Pension Scheme and NPS account. And to create it easy for you and them, I researched a ton about PRAN and NPS account. In this specific post, I am going to tell you every detail about PRAN and PRAN card.

The PRAN card or Permanent Retirement Account Number Card is an unique 12 digit number that determines those people who have registered themselves under the National Pension Scheme (NPS). This special identification number card arrived into being from 1, January, 2004 only just after the Central Government launched the NPS.


NPS is a special pension scheme that is governed and managed by the Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority (PFRDA). The Central Government has actually made PRAN card mandatory for all the Central as very well as State Government employees who have already joined their service on and after 1st January 2004. The power to issue PRAN card is really vested upon the NSDL.

The NSDL or National Securities Depository Limited has joined hands with the PFRDA to determine a Central Book Keeping Agency or CRA. This book will consist of all the required data and information of the members of NPS. So the very first step in order to apply for NPS is to apply for PRAN card. One could even say that getting a PRAN card is same as knowing a PAN card still, it must be used just before registering the income tax returns.

How To Check PRAN Card Status Online

Identifying your PRAN status is really now a matter of few clicks. Learn everything regarding your NPS PRAN card. Check PRAN card status on cra-nsdl. com. National Pension Scheme is actually among the top preferred saving schemes of India.

The program is active ever since the year 2004. Every user of NPS has issued a PRAN number and a PRAN card. This number is really even issued to all the government employees who have joined after 1stJanuary 2004. NPS is automatically provided to all the government employees. Non-government employees can even participate in the scheme on a volunteer basis. This post guides you to check your PRAN status online. Customers will know the status in the case of problem in getting the PRAN kit.

The PRAN card is a Permanent Retirement Account Number. It is a unique number including 12 digits. The number is actually allocated to each member of the National Pension Scheme. This scheme is certainly offered for all persons belonging to the age of 18 to 60 years. Once people join this pension scheme, you must receive a PRAN kit within few days. The kit contains a PRAN number and a PRAN card with a brochure. The PRAN card consists of the unique number with the subscriber’s full information. It includes a photo, signature or thumb impression, and father’s name. The card is actually a proof of your records with the NPS-CRA. Additionally, check how to download Umang app online.

What is PRAN Number?

PRAN is simply a 12 digit special account number. It stands for Permanent Retirement Account Number. NPS CRAs i.e. NSDL and Karvy assign PRAN to those people who open NPS account. PRAN is your retirement account number or you can easily even say that it is your NPS account number. It additionally acts as your user id in eNPS portal and NPS mobile app. You might check PAN card application status and also know how to fill PAN card application form.

How to Apply for PRAN Card Online

The first step for the NPS app is the application of PRAN card. All the State and Central Government employees are really needed to apply for such a card. In order to do so, they can easily go to the NSDL for sign up. PRAN card might be applied both online as well as offline. In case of online registration, application form may be benefited from NSDL official website which has actually to be downloaded and then correctly filled in.

PRAN card status

The employees then publish the completed form to the administration officer who would even more submit it to the Central Record Keeping Agency. It has actually to be kept in mind that applicants should register themselves initially with the CRA and then with Drawing and Disbursing Office or DDO before applying for PRAN card. PRAN card may only be allotted to subscribers who are actually registered with both DDO and CRA. Additionally, the employee should also be of age group ranging between 18-60 years if that they want to apply for PRAN card.

If any Central and State Government employee or the member is actually unable to sign up on their own online through NSDL, that they even get the resource of offline application for PRAN card status. In order to do so, they should download the PRAN card form offered on the official website of NSDL, fill up the form appropriately with all the needed information and then submit it via the post office.

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