Top 8 Wonderful Mother’s Day Quotes

2nd May of each year is a special occasion for every child, since it’s the day of Mothers- the “Mother’s Day”! It is very much important to let your mom know how you feel about her and what her importance in your life is. Not only on this very day but throughout the life you should keep her smiling. Yet to make her feel special on the Mother’s Day, here I bring you some of the best Mother’s day quotes 2016 to get your mother inspired and motivated.


Top 8 Wonderful Mother’s Day Quotes:

1. As poets knew it that God can’t be everywhere and every time with you: Hence they invented Mothers.

2. You are with a heart of forgiveness deep inside. You are always and inspiration!

3. Mother you are the bank where I can deposit all my tears and hurts!

4. Mother’s do hold their son’s hand for a while, but his heart forever.

5. Being a mother you always need to think twice- one for yourself and one for your child. Thanks for being in my life Mom!

6. You had taught me everything for which I’m grateful to you! Thank you Mom! Wishing you a very Happy Mother’s Day!

7. I can bring you chocolates; I can bring you flowers or anything else. But nothing in the world can show you how much I love you!

8. Happy Mother’s Day! I have no words to thank you for what you have done for me in this life! Still A THANK YOU!

Mothers Day Wishes 2016

Quotes are a way of conveying your Happy mother’s day messages to your mom. And what can be more special to her than her child making her feel special for her deeds! There are many more things to do in the mother’s day. You can simply attach a quote in a flower bouquet or you can make a greeting card and write the quote you want to dedicate her. Everything what you do will be special for your mother and this small quotes if can bring a real smile on her face then why not trying this?

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