Download Peggo APP- YouTube to MP3 Converter

Peggo is a Digital Video Recorder(DVR) that lets you record the audio from any YouTube video in MP3/MP4 and save it on your Android. You can do this with any song hosted on SoundCloud as well. Peggo is an excellent application for downloading best new music in MP3, as it offers almost the entire library on YouTube and SoundCloud. Peggo is used by people around the world and legality depends on many factors like one’s location and its according law.

In addition, the way the app works is unbelievably simple. It’s fast, simple, well designed, and packed with the great features like subtract offsets, integrated search, and artist and title tags. SCR Pro APK also does awesome things no other recorder ever done. Some other additional features are mention below in detail.

Peggo APK

Features of Peggo- YouTube to MP3 Converter

  • High-quality MP3s

Record MP3s at the highest quality available. All YouTube videos are available at 128kbps, while it is available and recorded with higher quality audio at 256kbps.

  • Record your favorite video as MP4s

Record your favorite video as MP4s, from mobile friendly 144p to full HD 1080p.

  • Volume normalization

Peggo normalized every recording volume to the same, comfortable level, So you never have to reach for the volume dial between MP3s again.

  • No obnoxious advertisements

No full-screen, pop-up, or pop-under advertisements.

  • Real time recording

No wait… Download starts automatically.

  • Bookmarklet

Peggo’s bookmark let lets you load the video you’re watching in Peggo with one click, directly from YouTube or SoundCloud.

Of course Peggo is nice application so, quickly download &install Nomao APK for your camera some X-Ray scanner like capabilities that enables you to se e through objects.

Download Peggo MP3 for Android

  • Open Playstore and Search Peggo in the search box. You will find different music, video app with different ratings given by users.
  • Tap on Peggo – YouTube to MP3 Converter, and then tap on INSTALL button.
  • To give permission for further downloading process click ACCEPT button.
  • Download will be completed in few minute, OPEN the app and run it using on- screen instruction.


The Peggo app is a really easy way to download videos and MP3s from YouTube and SoundCloud. Simply copy the YouTube or SoundCloud URL into the Peggo search box or you can search for a post directly. You just have to hit the Record MP3 button if you want to download the entire song. You will find different button for downloading video from YouTube in different qualities. I hope you all must enjoy the app by creating your choice playlist.