How to Create Custom WhatsApp Emoticons

Want to learn how exactly to create custom what’s app emoticons? Emoji are over merely birthday faces and smiley faces. After you add expressions to your messages, you are in a sense telling a good deal about yourself, and you’re setting the platform to get a communication experience.

Friendster Account Page or The MySpace of Facebook

You may choose your communication skills and transform them into something you may display in your own profile site. A page – the variant of some Friendster account page or the MySpace of Facebook.

You can set up your profile page to display the emoticon of your choice. And because Facebook is a public company, you have the potential to earn money from your profile page.

This is great news for Facebook because it allows them to monetize a highly trafficked page. If you’ve ever browsed through the hundreds of millions of Facebook users, you’ve probably noticed how many people have millions of different emoticons. Now, Facebook can turn those emoticons into advertisements.

Display Your Custom Emoticons

So you can take your emotions and turn them into an advertisement that tells a story. Facebook will pay you up to five dollars per emoticon if you choose to display your custom emoticons.

Additionally, they also permit one to use your small business logo to speak for your company. Your message will probably comprise bakery mascots if you run a bakery that is cute.

But what if you’re a comedian? How do you create custom emojis that tell a joke? Well, the options are endless.

But first, let’s take a look at how Facebook makes money. Facebook sells advertising space on its site to companies and brands looking to reach a wide audience.

Message Using His Own Custom Emoji

However, by the time a company or brand makes a purchase, the ad is already running. So there is an opportunity for the user to advertise their message using his own custom emoji.

But that you never only want to create your custom emojis whimsical and humorous. You need to be certain that they truly are truly inspiring.

Thus how do you go about doing it? Here are some guidelines:

Knowing how to create custom WhatsApp emoticons is half the battle. With these few simple steps, you can unleash your creativity and have fun communicating with your friends and family.