WiFi Not working in iOS 9 on iPhone and iPad

You might follow issues of network in your iphone and ipads and iOS devices. There are various reasons that might affect to your device and cause wifi issues. Here we have mentioned some of the problems and their solutions to get rid of the wifi problems. Hope you will like it.

 Forget Wi-Fi Network and Rejoin

If you have entered the wrong or incorrect password in wifi you can go for forget the Netgear support option. This option is available in the settings menu. Click on the option and go back to settings menu. Click on the network again enter your password and join in again.

Force Restart

This is a simple way to find the lost wifi connection. Hold on sleep/awake button for 10 seconds. This is a prompt option for getting the network back into your device. This is not harmful you can force restart once in a day to refresh your phone.

Disable Wi-Fi Networking Service

People find the solution of wifi issues through disabling the wifi network. Just go to the settings > privacy > location services > system services. It just uses the location used for wifi, it t doesn’t disable wifi network.

Reset Network Settings

Reset network settings option is available in the settings menu.  This is an immediate solution for solving the network problems in iPhone or iPad or iOS phones. go to settings > General >  Reset and tap on reset network settings.

Set Custom DNS

It might have a problem of ISPs DNS. Go to Google DNS or open DNS and follow the instruction to change the DNS server in your iPhone or Ipad.

Set UP as New IPhone or Ipad with ITunes

You can set up and launch your Iphone or Ipad with iTunes and remove the problematic customization from your phone.

All the solutions are solely meant to solve the networking problems in your iOS, iPhone and iPads. If you still do not get it call the ISP provider to check the internet problems.